A queen danced

A queen danced,

With etiquette and grace..


Profusely she smiled,

And talking through eyes..


'Wow' I chuckled,

Looked at her with pride,


It really happened,

She closed eyes for a moment,


I took her hand,

And we kissed our bond..


But that black mole,

Shining on her upper lip..


Grew darker and darker,

When she whispered and left..


Love got a name then,

And would be the same ever..

May You

When you look towards sky,

The Sunlight radiates in you,


When you look in the mirror,

The beauty smiles at you,


When you look your hands,

The energy empowers you,


When you take deep breath,

Untiring faith dawns on you..

Everything in you

Everything in you, &

Everyone you love,

Is Good...


Every time you say, &

Everywhere you go,

Is Good...


Every object you see &

Every song you listen,

Is Good...


Every time you sleep &

Every night you dream,

Is Good...


Everyone you call &

Every challenge you pick,

Is Good...


Every goodness is thy &

Every good is with you....


Only words I have,

And my memories,


Of all the sunshines,

And your reflection,


With my open eyes,

When my heart skipped,


A heartbeat or two,

To silence the noise,


Of my thoughts,

Then I realized,


My story was beautiful,

And words were golden,


It impressed itself,

Again and again,


Whenever I recited,

Thy a lovely name ..


You will always do well,

When go for a summit,


Coz you face the sky,

With no wings to flight,


So you are the Sun,

 Shining burning desire


Your wrath on thatches,

For finding gold within,


My Stubborn executioner,

You never give up,


Coz you live it up to it,

And you always do right...

Want Nothing

You looked unto me,

I had all, everything,


With smiling sheen,

In that evening Sun,


Our shadows united,

And soon disappeared,


That Glorious day left,

Silence took over,


You didn't break it then,

I had all, want nothing...